Success Stories


I became a patient to Dr. Meredith Oudt, in September 2010.  I had previously been a patient of Chiropractic care but because my Doctor moved, I had stopped being treated.  I woke up one morning and couldn’t move my neck or even hold my head up without pain.   I started think perhaps I should go back to the chiropractor.  I had met Dr. Oudt in the community and decided to try her office.
When I came for my first appointment, Dr. Oudt, was very detailed about how she treats her patients.  I felt comfortable with her diagnosis and decided I had better start back with chiropractic treatments.
Fast forward to present date.  After only (4) months of treatment, my spine and neck have made a significant improvement.  I was AMAZED with the before and after x-rays!    It’s always reassuring when you can not only feel, but see results!  .  My treatments are less frequent, I feel so much better. 
I absolutely love Dr. Oudt and Tammy!  They make a great team!

Barbara Crone



Dr. Merri and her team are true assets to the profession.  They don't just treat your spine, they treat you as a person.  I am always impressed when I visit ABC Chiropractic due to their positive and genuine attitude towards me and my family.  Dare I say, it's a joy to go to the doctor ;-)    -Matt Glover

I have suffered with neck and shoulder pain for many years.  When the pain came on, I would go to the doctor for injections.  A friend recommended that I see Dr. Oudt, chiropractic doctor.  I always put my faith in the medical field because I had worked in it for so long.
I am so glad I saw Dr. Oudt.  She was easy to talk with, she listened to what you had to say and gave you the treatment that alleviated your pain.  She is very knowledgeable in her field of practice and I am happy with my outcome.
Ruby Beck


I became a patient to Dr. Meredith Oudt, in September 2010.  I had previously been a patient of Chiropractic care but because my Doctor moved, I had stopped being treated.  I woke up one morning and couldn’t move my neck or even hold my head up without pain.  I started thinking perhaps I should go back to the chiropractor.  I had met Dr. Oudt in the community and decided to try her office.
 When I came for my first appointment, Dr. Oudt, was very detailed about how she treats her patients. I felt comfortable with her diagnosis and decided I had better start back with chiropractic treatments.
 Fast forward to present date.  After only (4) months of treatment, my spine and neck have made a significant improvement.  I was AMAZED with the before and after x-rays!   It’s always reassuring when you can not only feel, but see results!  .  My treatments are less frequent, I feel so much better. 
 I absolutely love Dr. Oudt and Tammy!  They make a great team!
Barbara Crone
Winchester, Virginia


We first found out about ABC Chiropractic from the phone book when my husband threw his back out.  My husband went in for his consultation and X-rays and just loved Dr. Merri.  He was so impressed by her that he discussed our son and his chronic ear infection problems.  She asked him to bring him in because she felt strongly that she could help.  Well, to say the least, I was skeptical.  I had never even been to the chiropractor much less bring my baby.  A few days later my husband  was scheduled for an adjustment and wanted me to go and meet Dr. Oudt to see what I thought.  I went in and was able to speak with Dr. Oudt and Tammy which helped ease my fears.  However, I was still extremely nervous. 

When I brought my 6 month old son in to see Dr. Oudt, she was very thorough and explained what she found in a manner that was easily understood.  She told me she was confident she would be able to fix his ear infections that had plagued him since birth.  I allowed her to adjust him and we continued to see her for approximately 4 months during which he did not have any ear infections or even fluid build up.  Prior to treatment, he had been averaging at least one per month.  During this time we were so happy with the outcome and attitude change with our son we started bringing in our 2 year old daughter in to see her.  We all love going to the office now and my daughter would often ask to go see Dr. Merri.  Unfortunately, due to some insurance problems we were forced to stop seeing Dr. Oudt.  This would prove to be a BIG mistake!  Within less than 2 weeks our son had a double ear infection.  Within the next month he had 2 more double ear infections and two weeks later when I brought him to the pediatrician, both of his ears were fluid filled again!  At that moment we decided it was time to go back, with or without insurance-- he needed Dr. Merri.

I will be honest... even while he was being treated, I was sort of skeptical wondering if maybe he had grown out of his ear infections--  but not anymore.  I'm a true believer!  Dr. Merri and Tammy are amazing.  We all love going to see them and I recommend them to everyone!

Marci Szarowicz

Winchester, Virginia


To whom it may concern:

About six months ago, when I got out of bed in the morning, my left leg had no feeling in it--  sort of numb, and I had to use a cane to get to the bathroom- about 10 feet.  Once I got in there, I could walk out to return with no trouble. When I would sit any length of time, I had a hard time walking: I had to stand a while while I got my balance, then I was fine.  I do walk at least two miles a day.

I started going to Dr. Merri on April 21st.  I didn't notice too much of a change until the morning of May 6th-- I walked when I got out of bed as usual.  It's amazing, as my back did not hurt me and I had no idea these problems come from the back. 

Anyway, I'm still going to her and it has been an uplifting experience.

Irene Gates


I am a 74 year old mother, grandmother and great grandmother.  I have had back problems for several years.  I went to several doctors including a chiropractor.  I was sent to pain management and had an injection in my back which did not help.  At that time it seemed the only alternative was to have surgery to correct several problems.

I was scheduled to have major back surgery in December of 2009.  A few weeks before my surgery I came down with a virus and had to postpone the surgery.  I was in a lot of pain, could not walk without limping and was having trouble sleeping at night.  Most of the time I had to sleep in my recliner.

My son who is a patient of Dr. Meredith Oudt's in Winchester, VA asked me if he could take my X-Rays and MRIs to her to see if she could help me.  Dr. Oudt looked at my reports and called me to say she was pretty sure she could.

I began seeing her in late December and could not believe how much she helped me.  After only a few adjustments I started to see improvements.  My pain became less and I could sleep better.  I continued to see her on a regular basis and by February I was so much improved that when we had 25 inches of snow I was able to use the snow blower to help open up our driveway.  A few weeks ago we had to replace the floor in our living room which involved moving furniture, removing the carpet and putting down a whole new floor.  I also helped with this.  Six months ago I was not able to do any of these things.  Thanks to Dr. Oudt I am in better shape than I have been in years.

I will continue to have regular Chiropractic care in order to improve my quality of life and prevent my problems from returning.

I highly recommend Dr. Oudt to everyone.  You're greeted with friendly faces, cheerful hellos and good Chiropractic care... what more would anyone want?!

Betty Anderson

Wardensville, WV


I am 53 years old with a few aches and pains but was not seeking Chiropractic care for any specific ailments.  I know that a healthy spine and a properly functioning nervous system are basic to good health and feeling your best.  I take lots of vitamins, work out regularly, maintain low body fat and try to eat right.  I am very prevention oriented.

I was drawn to Dr. Meredith L. Oudt, D.C. because of her well designed website and her specialty in the care of children.  This specialization requires additional training and skill not as necessary when only treating adults, giving me more confidence in her abilities.  I have been under the care of Dr. Oudt now for approximately 2 months.  During this time I have noticed a greatly increased sense of well being, especially during my first weeks of care.  I believe I have just gotten used to feeling better with time so the effect is not as noticeable now.

 I also have had a very welcome return of strength to my right arm.  I broke that elbow 9 months ago and never recovered 100% until about 2 weeks ago or after 6 weeks of Dr. Oudt's care.  As a retired amateur body builder I am very aware of my strength levels.  She has also taught me not to carry my wallet in my hip pocket constantly elevating one side of my pelvis and to sleep on a good pillow... little things I would never have realized.

Dr. Oudt takes a very comprehensive approach using various diagnostic techniques for preliminary evaluation and treatment recommendations. She shoots with a rifle not a shot gun.  Her demeanor is super pleasant and professional.  I look forward to seeing her twice a week and plan to continue to do so and would recommend that anyone seeking Chiropractic care do the same.


Rick Hottel, President

Dixie Beverage Company

Winchester, VA


This was my first true experience with Chiropractic.  I was suffering pain in the lower back after suffering a fall on the ice.  Conventional treatments did not provide any lasting relief so I decided to try Dr. Oudt

She was very deliberate in explaining the process and methods of treatment.  After my initial consultation, I began treatment and within two visits the pain began to subside.  Within five treatments my symptoms had disappeared.  I was also able to gain more mobility in my lower back.  On a side note, I was able to experience an overall sense of wellness in my body.

All during her treatments, Dr. Oudt displayed professionalism and a warm and cheerful disposition.  Her staff is efficient and capable.  Appointments are on time with very little waiting.

Dr. Oudt is a wonderful choice if you seek chiropractic care.

Mickey C.


I first started receiving treatment in March 2008 after deciding to put an end to the years of lower back pain.  My intention was to go for a few weeks and move on with my life.  I've continued with my adjustments since then so that, well, I can continue with my life! Because my pain subsided, I got in shape again, lost 45 pounds, have run 2 marathons, and rarely have the migraines that I used to get every other week.  I'm happier, more active, and feel better about my whole life rather than just my back.  My wife noticed the difference, changed from her previous chiropractor, and started receiving care from Dr. Merri a few months after me.  Our young daughter also looks forward to her adjustments.  She even pretends to be a chiropractor when she's playing doctor with other kids.

Dr. Merri and her staff are professional but very personal.  I've referred several friends and in addition to being satisfied with my care and how the office is run, one of the things that is important to me is the flexibility of Dr. Merri's hours.  I'm in and out in a few minutes and my appointment times are not set in stone.  I always feel comfortable knowing I can call Tammy when I'm running a little behind, or move my appointment to the afternoon or the next day without being harrassed or charged additional fees.  I've even completely missed appointments and Tammy, more out of concern, calls and then offers the next chance for me to be seen.

I've gone to a number of different doctors and for much longer than I've been under Dr. Merri's care, but I feel she knows me better than any of them.  She treats the whole person, not just the reason the person goes in.  I recommend her to everyone.

Luke Mason


To the Staff at ABC Chiropractic:

I am writing this to express my thoughts and feelings about the care I receive at your facility.

 While carrying a sheet of sub flooring, the wind caught it and twisted it.  This resulted in a compressed disk in my lower back which resulted in severe pain and nerve involvement.

Your initial examination revealed, in addition to the disk condition, extensive osteoarthritis throughout my spinal column.  This condition resulted in a gradual loss of range of motion of the spine.  Additionally, I had been developing loss of grasping ability in my right hand.  Unless I focused on the hand, I would drop items I was grasping.

As a result of your treatment I am pain free and have recovered significant range of motion.  Further, I no longer am dropping items with the right hand.

My pain level in the initial stages of treatment led me to consider invasive treatment.  However, with your encouragement, I continued with your recommended treatment plan.

As a result of the effectiveness of your Chiropractic care, I have recommended you to others I have known.

In addition to the effectiveness of your treatment I must comment on the attitude of you and your entire staff-- it is always welcoming, cheerful, and supportive.  The entire environment leads not only me, but others I have spoken with, to feeling like I'm part of an extended family.

Thank you,

Harry Bennett


I have been under Dr. Merri's chiropractic care for 13 years now.  Living on a farm and doing lots of physical work, I certainly appreciate the adjustments I receive to keep me in the  best shape I can be.

I have noticed improvements from one year to the next which make it possible for me to continue moving both at home and in exercise classes.

Dr. Merri takes a personal interest in my lifestyle, my health, and condition of my spine and nervous system which has kept me very healthy throughout the years.

She and her staff have become dear friends.  It's great knowing we are all working toward making me healthier and happier as I approach my senior years.

-Marlene Cross 


My wife and I have been under the care of Dr. Merri since June 2009.  From our first appointment thru the examination and evaluation process, Dr. Merri took the time to explain in detail each step of our therapy and answered each question we had in a clear, concise, professional manner.

The facility is clean, bright, and comfortable and Dr. Merri's assistant Tammy is friendly and knowledgeable.  She is always willing to assist us when we had to change our appointment schedule or when questions arise regarding our "at home" exercise program.  This kind of professional yet understanding attitude helps in the treatment and healing process.

Dr. Merri has from day one informed us of what she was going to do in the treatment area and what she expected us  to do to aid her in providing the best health possible.  She is a very caring, concerned doctor regarding the health and well being of those under her care.

As I said, "Dr. M" cares about our physical well being as a doctor should, but also takes the time to ask about our weekend, what we did, what plans we have.  In the beginning Dr. Merri started out as the health care provider for my wife and I but in a short time, she became more than our doctor, she became our friend.  We enjoy our visits to her office and we always feel better after being treated with the care and concern she gives.

In this age of revolving door medicine, it's hard to form a relationship with your doctor based on areas other than trust; a trust that your doctor will provide the care you need.  Dr. Merri, my wife and I have gone from the doctor-patient relationship to a doctor-patient/friend relationship.  This makes the healing process so much easier as we can discuss problems having nothing to do with our therapy.  She is always willing to listen and give a kind word of encouragement.  My wife and I are completely satisfied with the care and treatment we've received and that we also have new friends in our life

-Ted and Sheryl Duffy, Winchester, VA


Hi! My name is Mike Watts,

About a year ago my chronic pain was so bad my desperation led me to the Yellow Pages in search of help.  I discovered a life changing series of events when I met Dr. Oudt.  I could hardly walk on my 1st visit and within 2 wks. I had amazing results through the professional care of Dr. Oudt and her staff.  I am truly grateful for Dr. Oudt's care.  Words can't describe my progress.


Mike Watts


My wife tried for two months to get me to ABC Chiropractic for the neck pain, lower back pain, dizziness and headaches I have experienced for years. I am glad that I finally took her advice, because after only three weeks of treatment from Dr. Oudt, My dizziness and headaches have nearly disappeared and my neck and back pain have improved significantly. I only wish I had tried chiropractic care years ago.

-Dewayne A. Raines


I had serious neck pain for approximately two years before seeking help. I was having to take a pain reliever every night to help me rest comfortably. I had seen a neck specialist for several months, took physical therapy, acupuncture and even had a steroid shot. I was almost convinced that nothing was going to help me. I was diagnosed with Arthritis and this was something that I was going to have to tolerate. Then, I was referred to Dr. Meredith Oudt @ ABC Chiropractic by a friend whom had suffered with continuous neck pain also. I made my appointment immediately and that was the absolute best thing that I could have done. Dr. Merri has done wonders. It is unbelievable how much better my neck is today than when I began my first visit. She has worked with me so much and she has certainly made a difference in my life. She cares very much about all her patients. I recommend if you have any aches and pains to seek Dr. Merri. She is the BEST! She also has a wonderful staff working for her and they are all so friendly and willing to help.

Thank You Dr. Merri,



Letter of Endorsement for Dr. Meredith Oudt

When I finally decided to seek chiropractic help, I started asking friends for their recommendations, and received a glowing report on Dr. Meredith Oudt. I have not been disappointed with my choice. Dr. Oudt has been, first and foremost, easy to relate to, with a sense of humor that puts one at ease and allows a patient to explain what he or she believes to be the source of the need for chiropractic care. Second, Dr. Oudt has, along with her easy manner, a very professional approach to her work, and believes that the patient should understand completely what treatment he/she will receive and understand the results of x-rays and other tests that are periodically performed in her office. She will take whatever time is required to ensure that a patient is completely cognizant of his/her chiropractic needs and of progress made over time in her care.

Although one would think that this amount of care would require an inordinate amount of time, Dr. Oudt's office is managed with extreme efficiency and in a very friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Her office team is always ready with a welcoming smile and a kind word. Thus, a visit to her office is usually completed in a very few minutes.

Dr. Oudt's seventeen years in practice shows in her skill, thorough examinations, clear instructions and sincere concern for her patients. I have not only benefitted physically from her chiropractic care, I have enjoyed each and every visit to her office, and leave looking forward to my next appointment.


Catherine S. Sharp


For years I suffered with the pain of fibromyalgia and sciatica. I was taking two prescription pain medications plus extra strength Tylenol at bedtime but my leg pain was still so severe that it interrupted my sleep nightly and I experienced increasing pain during the day. In the four months since starting chiropractic treatment with Dr. Oudt have discontinued all pain medications. My leg pain has subsided to only an occasional irritation. It's great to sleep through the night without pain.

-Shelby Raines


For thirty years I have been an avid guitar player. It is the source of great pleasure, stress reduction and personal liberty and peace from my hectic world as a corporate executive. About fourteen months ago, I began to have a loss of strength and dexterity in my left hand. Within a short period of time, I was experiencing extreme pain in my shoulder area and a tingling/numbing sensation in my left arm. I was really struggling to play the guitar and becoming very frustrated. I went to a neurologist who conducted several nerve conduction tests and pronounced that there was nothing modern medicine could do. That is when a friend recommended Dr. Meredith Oudt. Like most people, I was completely uninformed and naive about the science of chiropractic . I am an electrical engineer by education and profession, so the concept of conduction of electrical energy was not lost to me. Dr. Merri and her staff took a full set of x-rays with my spine under load (standing up). She also performed testing to determine the root cause of the problems I was experiencing. Turns out, it was not my elbow as the neurologist had diagnosed, it was a restriction in the nerve root coming from the spine leading out to my left arm and hand. I never considered that my spine was the conduit for all of the signals from my brain to my organs, hands, legs, and to every living cell in my body. In simple terms, it is the fiber optic cable of the body and just like the Internet, transmits an enormous amount of information to and from the brain. Dr. Merri showed me where arthritis was restricting the nerves ability to function at peak performance and began a series of adjustments to my spine that precipitated immediate results. The adjustments were painless, the results immediately noticeable. Today I am happy to report that I am able to play along with the Rolling Stones, Heart and the Eagles again and the pain is gone. How do you say thanks to someone who restores your vest for life and gives you back your personal peace and outlet for the day to day stress we all experience in our life. Thank you seems inadequate, but thanks Dr. Merri. Those healing hands of yours are truly amazing!



When I came to Dr. Oudt, I was not at all sure I believed in chiropractic. I was hurting in the lower part of my back and was drawn to one side so bad, I was willing to try anything. Medication has only been a temporary fix.

Within 3 days of visits with Dr. Oudt, I was 90% free of pain without medication. And, since I have been under the preventive maintenance program, I feel 100% better! My posture, my thinking ability, my strength and my general overall alertness and awareness have drastically

Ask me if I believe in Dr. Oudt and Chiropractic --You Bet I Do!

-Lois C.


Until you have been immobilized repeatedly with agonizing back spasms, you just don't understand the meaning of vertebral subluxation. But after almost crawling into Dr. Oudt's office on my hands and knees to be treated with overwhelming kindness and care by her skillful hands and spirit you begin to learn that "chiropractic adjustment" now has new meaning for you. (When was the last time any doctor insisted that you call to let him or her know how you were feeling after your visit, yet called you first?!) And as you walk out of her office unaided and relieved of your painful spasm, you now have a realization of the meaning of "Power's on."
As the weeks of your treatment move along and Dr. Merri teaches you while she treats, you learn that not only does she turn your power on, but she works with you to teach you how to keep the power on. In other words, the power moves from her hands to you. If you and your body falter, she is always available to help you keep the power on. What more could a patient ask for?

 -Jean Daniels


Dear Dr. Meri,
I came to your office about 4 months after a car accident where I was rear ended by another vehicle. I had trouble looking up for any length of time. I wanted help but didn't want to rely on medication to get better. I am so glad I chose the route of chiropractic healing. Through my healing process I learned that chiropractic treatment can help so many other things. It helps me to be healthy naturally. I've had regular treatments for over two years now and I have not even had as much as a common cold.

I also appreciate the warm, friendly staff at your office. Everyone has always treated me like I'm the only patient there. I also appreciate your honesty letting us patients know that being healthy is up to us. We make choices everyday, healthy or unhealthy. You always let us know you'll help us to be the best we can be.

Angie Wymer


In November of 2007 I suffered a sciatic nerve inflammation that affected my left lower back down to my left foot.  The pain was so severe in my foot that I was unable to wear a shoe for over a week.  The episode finally stopped and I was left with numbness in my toes.

I was referred to Dr. Oudt by a classmate from high school who was undergoing care at ABC Chiropractic for the same symptoms.

After being X Rayed and a thorough evaluation, I started care on September 1.  I was also being treated for arthritis in my left shoulder with exercises.

To date my toes are nearly back to normal and the discomfort and range of motion in my shoulder has greatly improved.

You feel like you're at home when you walk in the office.  The warmth, friendship and true concern for your health and well being surrounds you.

I highly recommend Dr. Oudt and staff to one and all.

 -Judy Keen, R.N.


Dear Dr. Merri,

First of all, I do mean "dear" because you have been a wonder in my life.  When I first came to you I was in so much pain from years of deteriorated discs- sciatica + scoliosis, I couldn't even roll over in bed without grabbing a pajama leg help move my legs because of the pain.  My scoliosis was so bad it looked like one hip was higher than the other.  I would say I have 80% less pain since coming to you-- I can not praise you enough.  That smile and warm personality makes me feel like a friend instead of a patient.  I want you to know I am so grateful & you are a treasure----

Thank You! Thank You!

-Sandra Brackin


I have been a patient of Dr. Oudt's since 4/19/1999.  I no longer have to go to physical therapy and I have a lot less pain than before.  With seeing Dr. Oudt regularly, I keep my pain down.

-Pat Burch


I have been a patient of ABC Chiropractic for 3 1/2 years.  I'm a PGA Golf Professional who has been playing golf for over 40 years.  I have always had lower back pain because of the twisting of the spine in the golf swing.  I come for my weekly adjustment every Monday which keeps my body in tune and balanced for the week.  I enjoy starting my week getting the power turned on!  My schedule changes often, so I'm glad Dr. Merri and her staff give me the flexibility with my appointments.  I'm grateful for the care and education I've received since becoming a patient. Dr. Merri, Diana, and Tammy have made me feel like family; they are there for the highs and lows of my life.  Two years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and I believe that my adjustments help my body stay strong to keep on top of this disease.  I love my girls!!

-Monty Goff, PGA


Dr. Meredith Oudt,

I want to thank you for helping my body feel good and healthy.  You are always concerned and really take the time to listen and to get to know about me.  I appreciate that in people.

Dr. Merri, your chiropractic care is helping to keep my body aligned, medicine free, which is helping me have a healthy body as our Creator had intended for us.

I tell family members and friends about you and how much you have helped me.  I really feel you could make a difference in their lives and eliminate a lot of the meds they are now taking.  If only they would give Dr. Merri a chance to help change them to healthy.

I look forward to going to my weekly adjustment.  Thanks for reminding me at times to do my part, exercise and plenty of water. 

Thanks for helping me have a healthy body,

Wanda Carper